Leo Ozolins-Carlson ft. Lynn Arkel - Da Song.

Here without you Billie jean, and you are not alone!
Sorry seems to be the hardest word, when you say nothing at all,
this is it, come what may.

I’m leaving on a jet plane down to the hotel California
Delilah who’s gonna run this town tonight?
The boys are back in town and another one bites the dust when I kissed the teacher after midnight.
And it was all called yellow later on,down the river when all is said and done,its too late to apologize.

So sick of love songs but this song's to you,
cuz your sex is on fire and I don't want to miss a thing.
Dream a little dream of me smooth criminal.
Now im gone gone going im in Miami bitch!
And one of us is gonna die young.

I shot the sheriff all by myself and,
I just cant get enough of my humps Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss.No woman no cry…When you stir it up, hit me baby one more time!
Hit me with your best shot!

Angel you give love a bad name, so why did you build me up,
buttercup baby?Your man ain’t me!
Lollipop candyshop? Baby baby…
Sweet surrender!
All that you want is another baby.

Jenny don’t be hasty,
cry me a river then take me home, country roads to sweet home Alabama!
I’m surfin USA.
Oh such a night without me, please stand up!
Hands up!
Heal the world sweet child of mine, heeey ya!

But you were just friends.
Forgive but not forget.
American idiot sail away with me beyond the sea!
Your so sexy bitch, lay all your love on ME!
You’re my kryptonite, my cocaine!

I wanna lay you down on a bed of roses and BOOM BOOM BOOM!
I just cant get enough, now I’m knock knock knocking on heavens door,
and im so excited Im on the highway to hell!
But girls just wanna have fun!
So fuck her, scream, Twist and shout!
Say it right, just stay the night!
Give it to me, aha aha!

I’m running wild all good things come to an end.
But big girls don’t cry, Miss Murder.
Gimme, gimme, gimme, money money money! I’m bringing sexy back
Love is wicked, drop it like its hot it’s, a sexual healing!
Blame it on the alcohol, cus there ain’t no party like an alcoholic party!

Don’t cha wish ur girlfriend was hot like me?
I wanna be starting something!
Nothing else matters.
I write sins, not tragedies, under my umbrella…

Detta är resultatet av vår påhittighet och vår brist på underhållning. Delar av i form av en ny;D

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